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Buckminster Duck here – now that the dust and duckfeathers have settled – THE QUACK IS BACK and I invite you to peruse and savor the new and the familiar in QUACK CITY as we waddle towards ANIMATION…!!!….

Those of us who brought the FEATHERS TOGETHER are the collaborative talents of JASON FRAZIER ( ) for site design and ELLEN GURNEY ( ) in bringing all the words together. I highly recommend their creative services that radiate throughout QUACK CITY.

I invite you to spend some time on the HOME PAGE and enjoy the TOON-PARADE as a cavalcade of timely and timeless toons right off of the HEADLINES. Of course the Bachmanns, Sarah and Obama are there, along with my constant QUACK FOR EQUALITY.

Have fun from page to page to page……..

ABOUT QUACK CITY is what makes this CITY QUACK with all the history of our journey to date and that “OUT-there cartoonist” behind me.

MEET THE DUCKS introduces you to a whole new cast of FEATHERED CHARACTERS that join me in my adventures, observations and commentaries.

DUCK-TOONS is an archive page of current and past favorites.

DUCK STORE is merch, merch, merch with more MERCH to come.

QUACK OF THE WEEK  is your weekly “dose of duck”  that you will find here on my weekly BLOG with commentaries behind the toon. Of course as always –  you’ll be getting a weekly invite link to my blog on Wednesday or Thursday of each week.

SOCIAL MEDIA –  along with this blog – I have surrendered to the power of FACEBOOK and TWITTER – feel free to join both. YOU-TUBE along with current videos, will soon be featuring my ANIMATED TOONIES and LINKED-IN for those who are “professionally-interested” in my tooning-talents.

All in all a festive invitation to take up residency in QUACK CITY – where there will always be something to QUACK about…….FEATHER’S UP!!!

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