feathered greetings once again….


It is back to the BACHMANNS with the QUACK OF THE WEEK –
yes – MICHELE and MARCUS make it so easy for me – how could I resist…??? – how could any of us!!!

Let’s keep a very watchful eye on these two – they are funny and dangerous!!!  Scary thing is that they’ve ONLY JUST begun!!!

MARCUS-DARLING – Some of us are just so much more OVER THE RAINBOW than others – we just know an UNEDUCATED BARBARIAN in a Wedding Dress when we see one…!!!….

Now that they are on the Campaign Trail, they love to avoid telling the truth. Their “true colors” are showing without them even realizing it. Watch how they speak for themselves by avoiding the subject of their past ANTI-GAY rants.

Which leaves us with this question – if you ever were “able” to PRAY the GAY AWAY – would you want to marry Michele Bachmann –????? – let’s leave that as a rhetorical.

RE-TOON: (a duck-favorite from the past)

It certainly looks like KHADDAFI’S days/daze are numbered – wonder how “KHA-DAFFY” he is going to get between now and then – ??? –



SLIDE RIGHT THROUGH with the latest video from one of QUACK CITY’S more colorful and musical residents – that is causing me to dance and splash about the pond – “PAST YOU” – a tasty mix of EAR and EYE CANDY!!!


Last Thursday Nite – a documentary film crew came into my studio to video tape me (and earl) for a soon-to-be-released documentary-short entitled “THE SEARCH FOR EQUALITY”. Sponsored by the Humanities Department of San Diego State University  under the direction of Dr. Pat Washington – we are honored and delighted to be amongst the many interviewed sharing their unique contributions in the EQUALITY MOVEMENT.

Thank you Dr. Pat Washington for this OPPORTUNITY TO QUACK and Maricar Camaya for your VIDEO TALENTS.


feathers up!!!……buckminster duck

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