QUACK of the WEEK….

The Republican Presidential Debate RAGES on….better yet….OUT-rages on…..

Sitting on the ACCOUNTABILITY BENCH with me this week are – MITT, MICHELE and RICK –  who would like you to think one way when the opposite is quite true. Doesn’t it just “boggle the imagination” that they are such NEANDERTHALS when it comes Gay Rights in almost-2012…!!!

Oh we can have fun with them – which I most indeed will – yet it is amazing how out of touch they are with a majority of the American people. IF THEY HAD THEIR WAY – they would turn back the “Clock of Equality” without hesitation or pause. The “pledges” they have signed, the “statements” they have made and the “alliances” they have created only reinforce the Anti-Gay platform of their hidden, and not so hidden, agendas.

You can count on me, along with DIZI (my high-maintence best friend) and SMOOOCH (my adorable fiancee) to keep their feathers to the fire.

Feel free to re-post and share this duck-toon amongst friends and Republicans – in fact – please do!!!



To this day, I still have MIXED FEELINGS about 9-11. Amidst the intense tragedy, loss, heroism, terror and compassion, I find myself till asking many questions 10 years later.  I will let these three toons designed over the time span of a decade – from that ill-fated day, to wanting the truth (and still do) to the demise of Bin-Laden –  to SPEAK-QUACK for themselves.

With all the media-attention and sensationalism, I can only hope that we don’t define our Nation by a Terrorist Attack. I am still waiting for the HEALING to take place – IF I HAD MY WAY – I would  sing this song. Since I do not have a “voice” – I want one of the most awe-inspiring vocalists today, LINDA EDER, to sing from her soul and mine.


Feathers Up…!!!……buckminster

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