The celebrated couple – BERT and ERNIE have been living together in “Domestic Bliss” for many years.  One does wonder, with continued speculation, that it is much more than just “domestic”.

Most recently there has been an “internet demand” that it is time for them to get married: to which the “Muppet-Powers-That-Be” deny that they are gay – or even have a sexual orientation. We know better.

I strongly feel if we asked Jim Henson today we would get the answer we know to be true.  After all – when it comes to “Muppet-Love…didn’t Kermit and Miss Piggy fall in love and get married. A frog marrying a pig!!! – that’s enough to get RICK SANTORUM to go on a tirade!!!

BERT and ERNIE were designed by Don Sahlin based on two fruits. Bert was based on a banana and Ernie was an orange – it doesn’t take FELLINI to figure that out!!!

As we celebrate the AUTHENICITY of Muppets and our LGBT-selves, we can only hope that the love between them only deepens – and – sooner or later one of them will “Pop the Question”.

….on a festive-note….the cartoonist who draws me is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of “Wedded-Bliss” with his adorable husband….who-just-so-happens-to-be-named – ERNIE…!!!…and for all the obvious reasons, Earl is so very glad his first name is NOT Bert!!!

Anniversary Feathers Up!!!…..

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