Quackin’ atcha…..

QUACK of the WEEK:

Well Now – isn’t the TEA PARTY having their own “party” this week – with the DEBATE and all. When did they get such “credibility” within the Republican Party – ???. Then again when did “credibility” and the “Republican Party” ever drink tea together – !!!

If you took a head count – the “Republican Debate” and the “Tea Party Debate” had the same talking heads spouting out their distain for Obama and anything humane. You know – I don’t always disagree with them (GAAAAAAAAAASP) in theory – yet – their methodology is always WACKO and mean-spirited – !!!

Their INSANITY has certainly captured MR HATTER’S attention – it’s about time.  As I have learned on more than one occasion  – you don’t wanna piss off anyone in a Fairy Tale. (Dorothy is exceptionally testy)  This one has a way of sucking you down a Rabbit Hole without warning – REPUBLICANS in WONDERLAND…..scare me!!!



A trio of my favorite TEA-BAGGING – toons from the past……much too tempting to resist….

Okay I must admit – I insist on calling them TEA-BAGGERS  for the obvious metaphor that they won’t admit to – just breathe out of your nose and let the “dunking” begin.  and NO..!!!….the GAYS don’t have a copyright on this one…!!!….Oh the things I learned from “Sex and the City”……


feathers up…..buckminster




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