Thursday Quax-OXOXOX……


Well Now – it takes a Dorothy or two to once again to save the day.  It looks like MICHELLE and her WICKED DEEDS are getting their a good wetting.

“Whata World – Whata World”….!!!…

Trying to “defy the gravitational pull” of polls could the “Republican-Darling” be melting into oblivion? Everybody add their own DING-DONG  to the chorus.

Oh – blessed be to OZ….!!!!  Yet I don’t want  her to go away too too soon – I love to have her (and “that husband” of hers) to stick around. They are such rich toon-fodder.

Seems like the Tea Party/RNC keeps skipping and sipping from tea to tea. First it was Donald Trump, Mitt Romney runs hot and cold,  and then last week Rick Perry was thrown under the bus and now they are courting Chris Christie.  Which only means that SARAH could be jumping into the race….poignant pen now in position..!!!



In tribute to Michael Jackson and to subdue some of the media frenzy around the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.  The only person who really knows what happened that ill-fated day of june 25, 2009 is MJ himself.

As the trial plays out over the next month or two – I just hope that we as a people can keep the speculation and assumptions to a minimum until the truth is revealed.

When Michael was in his “prime” – his talent so breath-taking that it kept me dancing about the pond. Let’s celebrate the MAN IN THE MIRROR and the amazing contribution his music gave the planet – and – continues to…!!!

Remember and enjoy three of my favorite videos.

dance-on MICHAEL….dance-on….thank you for an AMAZING LEGACY…!!!


feathers up til next week…..buckminster

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