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With the HALLOWEEN WEEKEND ahead of us….why not have some fun with those – if ever elected President – would certainly have us spooked. The choice between these two is no choice at all.  Herman Cain (pizza-pizza) and his 999-Plan is just not making sense and Michelle Bachmann (you fill in the blank) never does – make sense that is.

Well we can all agree the Michelle has a few BATS loose in her BELFRY – and – her secret and her not-so-secret agenda is much too too frightening for ducks and duck-friendly alike. She may or may not be the ANTI-CHRIST – just give her time and her TRUE HORNS will show.



In the spirit of HALLOWEEN….here are two of my past spooky favs. Yes – I am looking forward to the musical version of the EXORCIST – I am sure the PEA SOUP number will be a real SHOW-STOPPER!!!…well….the last toon just speaks/quacks for itself.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN……buckminster



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