QUACK of the WEEK…..

OUT of the POND and into the STREETS……QUACK CITY is in FEATHERED SOLIDARITY with the PROTESTS on WALL STREET.  GREED is way out of control in this Country –  to the extent that we are losing America.

With no accountability or liability these THIEVES are getting away with TREASONOUS CRIMES – and no one has been arrested yet – at the cost of the health and well-being of way too many Americans.

Whatsa  duck to do –??? – but – break out in a SHOW-TUUUUUNE. Let the people sing out – and – QUACK if you feel so inspired!!!  No better than my all-time favorite musical – LES MIZ – to get my spine tingling and my feathers all fired up.

So why not entertain you with the 25th anniversary version of….DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING…..with lyrics no less…..EVERYBODY SING!!!   Look close and you will see an adorable “Nick Jonas” in the cast…..who knew!!!

FEATHERS UP in PROTEST!!!……buckminster

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