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Feathered Greetings……QUACK of the WEEK…

From INNOVATION to IDIOCY…I bring you this week’s DUCK-TOON…..

It never ceases to amaze me about the amount of STUPIDITY in large groups and the “Eighth Republican Debate” once again proved this to be true. These four on the “Accountability Bench” doesn’t even include the entire circus – there just wasn’t enough room for all the clowns: Newt Gingrich (pompous as always), Ron Paul (who makes some sense but too damn dull) and Rick Santorum (Google it).

The only rational one of the bunch, John Huntsman, was nowhere to be found……Where’s Johnny……???

The CAT CLAWS certainly came out – MEOOOOOOOOOW…..the bickering and bantering of fools with irrational arguments and a lot of OBAMA-BASHING.  YES –  I agree that America is in one HOT MESS – yet – how insane would it be to hand the Country back to those who got in us in this HOT MESS in the first place.

When it just got to be too too too much – I would find solace in looking at ANDERSON COOPER and his dreamy BLUE EYES ignited by his PURPLE  (buckminster ) TIE……..he could MODERATE ME anytime!!!



Remember last MAY, 21 to be exact….when the RAPTURE didn’t happen.

Only to find out that it had been miscalculated by REV. HAROLD CAMPING  to OCTOBER 21. Well that is tomorrow –  it could be the RAPTURE or the RUPTURE….either way….PROTECT YOUR NUTS!!!

Well speaking of a HOT MESS…here’s another one!!!….LINDSAY LOHAN is in and out of jail once again which calls me to re-release this MOVIE-TOON which sadly cannot be argued much too much.

BREAKING NEWS: Looks like another WACKO bites the dust – LIBYA has just gotten a lot less KHA-DAFFY!!! …and….with a QUACK and a NOD to my fellow political cartoonist – John DeSalivo – he’s now a KHADAVER DUCK!!!


What a week indeed….keep your FEATHERS UP!!!…..buckminster

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