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Feathered Greetings on a Friday

QUACK of the WEEK….

Let’s let the truth be known before RICK PERRY disappears into more and more political oblivion. Whether he continues on as a Presidential Hopeful (sic) or not is DEBATABLE.

Needless to say that…Rick is far from a TEENAGE DREAM and can only set off a FIREWORK for a select few.


STEVE JOBS: 1955-2011

A bit belated, yet nonetheless heartfelt tribute to STEVE JOBS. Gone too soon with a legacy that will continue to touch and revolutionize our lives. An innovator and visionary who saw things that others didn’t – and – he saw them a long way into the future – a future within our lifetime.

Here are a few words of his wit and wisdom……

Thank you Steve for making technology imaginative, intuitive and inspiring.

Quax-XOXOXOXX for offering me the “techie-tools” that have brought NEW LIFE to my cartoons.


Feathers Up until Next Week…..buckminster

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