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belated QUACKS and GOBBLES…..

Here we are on T-GIVING weekend before all the HO-HO-HO-ing becomes more INSANE than it all ready is. It may be BLACK FRIDAY for some – I am keeping mine PURPLE.

This week’s duck-toon turns the table on a PRESIDENTIAL TRADITION and gives OBAMA a much needed head’s up for him to be re-elected.


In deep appreciation of all my feathered friends and fans – THANX-XOXOXOXOXO for reading my toons. We all here in QUACK CITY are tickled beyond words that you get a tickle (or a stiletto) out of us.




How could I NOT post this – with a singing (sic) group named DUCK SAUCE (which is not to be confused with DUCK BUTTER, which is an entire experience unto itself). The first song (which I first heard on GLEE) is all in video-tribute to one of our beloved icons….BARBRA STREISAND….don’t know BABS feels about – yet – here it is!!!

UPDATE: for some reason a YOU-TUBE block – the “original video” cannot be embedded – so here is a light-works version – let it dazzle your eyes. If you would like to see the “original – much more fun – version” – you can find it on YOU TUBE


The next one – BRACE YOURSELF – it speaks for itself. if you are easily offended (if that is the case – why are you reading my toons) – you may want to pass. If not, view at your own risk – SO MANY LEVELS OF WRONG – what you SILLY STRAIGHTS do to GET LAID never ceases to amaze me.

feathers UP as always….buckminster

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