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Quax-OXOXOXOXOX of the day….

HERMIE – HERMIE – OOOOOOOOOH HERMIE…..looks like you got caught with your hands in the COOKIE JAR….tsk tsk tsk. Alleged or not….how can you deny that “SOMETHING” did happen. Whatever that “HAPPEN” is….rest assured that QUACK CITY is watching!!!

Is it too too much to ask that our “Presidential-Wanna-Bes” have a sense of character and integrity.  When you look across the “Republican Presidential Landscape – questions and more questions do arise.  When it comes to HERMAN CAIN – I must admit – it does ENTERTAIN ME to watch him SQUIRM…!!!

NOW HERMIE…as more and more SAUCY DETAILS are known and the TRUTH is revealed – you can guarantee I will have something to QUACK about….!!!!


RE-TOONS: 11-11-11…in celebration of VETERAN’S DAY and for the first time….LGBT-AMERICANS can SERVE OPENLY and HONESTLY……

It is not over yet….FULL EQUALITY has NOT been achieved – with DOMA still the law of the land….LGBT-couples who are “legally married” do not receive the same privledges and benefits as heterosexual couples. Much more work needs to be done.

Yet today we CELEBRATE their SERVICE to our Country – do make it a point to HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG a VETERAN today….!!!

until next week – feathers up……buckminster

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