QUACK of the WEEK!

Who does PENN STATE think they are -??? – the CATHOLIC CHURCH….!!!….

A very unsettling and upsetting topic indeed – yet – I just could not ignore it.  As you know (or will get to know) that my duck-toons are not always a TICKLE with a DUCKFEATHER  – sometimes  – it is a SOCIAL COMMMENTARY with a STILETTO to your forehead.

SANDUSKY  keep your hands off of my DUCKLINGS….!!!…

I am quite sure that more abuses will be revealed….this tragedy has done damage in all directions. Hiding behind the CULT of SPORTS/FOOTBALL creates a “False Sense of Celebrity ” where they feel that they are gods and exempt from the law. It has taken more than 15 years to bring this to light…..15 YEARS!!!

At last the cover has been blown off this COVER-UP……coach JOE PATERNO and MIKE McQUEARY – how can you sleep at nite??? Hopefully from now on – not very well…!!!

CANDLES continuously BURN to help HEAL the CHILDREN.



We have been on this PROP 8 ROLLER COASTER (front seat – white knuckles) for over three years. Oh how I was so hoping for a sense of celebration for MARRIAGE EQUALITY in California yesterday. OH CONTRARE…..once again the California Supreme Court are playing with our lives.

COWARDICE instead of COURAGE threw PROP 8 back to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals where it will be tossed back and forth with a ruling no one knows when. Again, playing with our lives…!!!….

If you haven’t met SMOOOCH yet – here he is – isn’t he a CUTIE…!!!… He’s my HEARTTHROB and we are PERPETUALLY ENGAGED – in that we will get MARRIED when everyone can. We share in the frustration of knowing that “someday” we will “legally” march down the aisle hand in hand, husband to husband ….when that day will come – no one can calendar.

Til then SMOOOCH and I have a lot of XOXOXOXOXOXOXO to do…..!!!….

feathers UP always….buckminster

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