QUACKS of the WEEK…..

When the OCCUPY MOVEMENT goes to OZ – you can just imagine how nervous that makes a WIZARD….!!!  Nonetheless, whenever there is an “abuse of power” – us DOROTHYS must step in and let our QUACK be known…..afterall who has the RUBY SLIPPERS now!!!


As STEVE JOB’S LEGACY carries on, the harsh reality and contrast of “DO NOTHING” falls into both OBAMA and BOEHNER’S LAPS. Rhetoric over results seems to be the issue that is getting hundreds/thousands into the streets…….DOROTHYS UNITED!!!


and OKAY – I ADMIT….I couldn’t resist not trashing KIM and KRIS this week – with their 72 hours of wedded bliss……sic……and where’s the SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE crowd on this one…!!!??!!!…DON’T GET ME STARTED


until next week – feathers up!!!….buckminster





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