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Torn between TWO NEWTS…whatsa a duck to do…???….

From what DISGUSTS me to what AMUSES me all in one week. Needless to say….I have got my drawing pen going in all directions trying to keep up with these SILLY REPUBLICANS and their shenanigans.

After all….it is their TEA PARTY and they can CRY if they want to…..

No matter how the IOWA CAUCUS plays out on Tuesday, we can all agree that it will be…. the same CIRCUS – different BOZOS.

Somehow I have a feeling that SARAH is just waiting in the wings to throw her “YOU BETCHAAAAA” back in the race.  I do delight in this possibility with my drawing pen already in position.

Between now and then…do have a FESTIVE NEW YEAR….and thanx so much for enjoying my QUACKS and RANTS.



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