DUCK-NOTE: to keep things sane amongst all the fun and exciting developments in QUACK CITY – you will now receive your BLOG/QUACK of the WEEK on SATURDAYS until the winds blow differently – do mark your calendars and adjust your wedgies…!!!…

QUACKS OF THE WEEK – amongst all the HO-HO-HO-ing – there is another type of HO-ing going on that needs a QUACK or two before I get around to decorating my tree.

It seems that certain high-profile coaches- can we say JERRY SANDUSKY without gagging –  are not keeping their hands and penises to themselves. So it’s time that we hold these PERVS accountable for their PERVERSIONS along with the Educational/Sports Institutions (sic) that protect them.

Heterosexual Coaches Behaving Badly is a gross understatement – so – WHY NOT OCCUPY them until we find them behind bars.


From football to basketball – this time COACH BERNIE FINE is anything but….FINE that is…!!! This one is a real piece of work that gives a whole new spin on a classic comedy. Be sure you check your BERNIES before you spend a WEEKEND together!!!

Now enuf with the PERVS….it’s time to DECORATE my TREE….!!!….


EXCITING NEWS INDEED!!!….Starting this week and every second and fourth Thursday nite – you will find me (and that crazed cartoonist of mine) on “OUT OF THE CLOSET-Radio” for TOONS and COMMENTARY…..!!!…..

OUT OF THE CLOSEST Radio is OUT OF CONTROL with your very colorful host ISAAC SIQUEIROS  along with a cast of OUT-personalities.

From 6:00-8:00pm – my segment is @ the top of the 7:00 hour……you can LISTEN, CHAT, and/or CALL (619) 271-3511 as you WATCH us LIVE only thru or


feathers UP…..buckminster

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