There is no denying that CHRISTMAS (and an assortment of other holidays) are amongst us. I always approach this time of year with a sense of merriment and mixed feelings…..more MIXED than MERRY this year….

On the MERRY-SIDE…I enjoy the feel of the season, the coming together of kindred spirits and the twinkling of lights from my Christmas Tree wondering what Santa will bring this year……

Then on the MIXED-SIDE ….’tis the season to over-eat, over-spend, over-sociialize…over do this, over do that, over, over, over…!!! With my feathers up – I protect myself from all the holiday insanity as much as I can.  Which means avoid all shopping centers til January….unless the Apple Store calls me….we all have our breaking points.

Then there is the over emphasis of GIFT-GIVING which really ticks JC off. (JC is the reluctant messiah who resurrects himself into the strip on occasion.)  It makes the holidays seem more like the ringing of cash registers than it is the ringing of bells.

Don’t even get him started on the subject of BLACK FRIDAY……Trust me…you wouldn’t want a repeat of that “Merchants in the Temple” scenario….talk about DRAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…!!!…


This week and every second and fourth Thursday nite – you will find me (and that crazed cartoonist of mine) on “OUT OF THE CLOSET-Radio” for TOONS and COMMENTARY…..!!!…..

OUT OF THE CLOSEST Radio is OUT OF CONTROL with your very colorful host ISAAC SIQUEIROS  along with a cast of OUT-personalities.

From 6:00-8:00pm – my segment is @ the top of the 7:00 hour……you can LISTEN, CHAT, and/or CALL (619) 271-3511 as you WATCH us LIVE only thru www.slangradio.tv or www.slangmediagroup.com.


ho-QUACK-ho…!!!….until next week…



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