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ho-ho-HO…!!!…looks like HERMIE “reaaaaaaaaaaaally” got his hands (sic) caught in the CANDY JAR this time. Much more NAUGHTY than NICE this year.

Nonetheless here’s ONE LAST QUACK to someone who I had hoped to get a lot more toon-fodder from.  Tonite’s Republican Debate (don’t they have anything more colorful to do on a Saturday nite) – will be missing one less clown and a lot 999…!!!

I have a feeling that your CHRISTMAS is going to be a lot less MERRY with you having to explain to your WIFE where you’ve been STICKING YOUR CANE over the last 13 years!!!

I am so tired of sharing the planet with these idiots and bigots. Will someone in the Republican Party please whisper in Rick’s ear that it’s 2012 (almost) and not 1970…!!!…and while you’re in his ear – give him a WET WILLIE for me!!!

All the signs of a CANDIDATE IN DESPERATION while having a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION…!!!…

and…to sum it all up….a RE-TOON:


feathers UP as always….buckminster

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