QUACK of the WEEK….

Here we are on the other side of the New Hampshire Primary – is it any real surprise that this week I am quacking at MITT ROMNEY….the MITT-STER in some circles.

I have never trusted this FRAT-BOY – KEN-TYPE from day one. Now that he is waving the “Conservative Flag” at a rapid pace – I find it rather ironic that he was once the Govenor of the most Progressive State in the Union.

It is more than evident that his FLIP-FLOP-ing has him all over the map on a number of issues. It can not be denied that this one-time Gay-Friendly Governor is now advocating for an Federal Amendment to ban same-sex marriage as he tries to warm up to his base – who really don’t want him in the first place.

His OBAMA-BASHING is getting out of control as he gathers more and more momentum that could carry him all the way to the nomination. BOTTOM LINE is this the best that the Republican Party do…???….you are making my job as a Political Cartoonist much, much to easy….!!!…

On a TOON-NOTE: – be sure to visit my  TOON-PARADE: 2011 on my home page – a savory selection of my DUCK-FAVORITES that will give you a good chuckle in retrospect.


until next week…..FEATHERS UP!!!…..buckminster

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