With utter disgust and amusement – I ask the REPUBLICAN PARTY-  is this the BEST you can do…????

With your INTENSE HATRED towards OBAMA….you are now – POOF! – down to four candidates – with PERRY dropping out so he wouldn’t embarrass himself again with another debate – and HUNTSMAN (the only sane one in the bunch) faced reality and realized he had a snowball’s chance.

You are left with a FLIP-FLOPPER, a LOOSE CANNON, a RELIGIOUS WACKO and one there for COMIC RELIEF– and with today’s SOUTH CAROLINA PRIMARY…..I give you this musical metaphor….


It feels to good to give PERRY back to TEXAS….with his tail tucked between his legs – I give you a PERRY-FEST….what more needs to be said….!!!…..



until next week with more TOON-FODDER…..PARTY ON REPUBLICANS……buckminster



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