A tad-bit late on giving ELLEN a QUACK…yet – still very much deserving…..

ELLEN is AMERICA’S SWEETHEART. I admire her COURAGE, INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY. Over the span of her life and career, she could have easily disappeared. She rose from the ashes and re-invented herself and look at her now.

The ONE MILLIONS MOMS launched a BOYCOTT that fell flat….so all the more reason for us to go shopping at JC PENNEYS…..

A TRUE INSPIRATION and YES a LESBIAN and we LOVE HER for who she is. No one can speak better than ELLEN about ELLEN….here she is in her own words:

If anyone who is reading this knows Ellen personally/professionally will you please forward this duck-toon to her. Me, Buckminster Duck and Ellen are destined to meet.


It has been a very busy week – MARRIAGE EQUALITY-WISE….on the heels/heals of PROP 8 being ruled UnConstitutional…

The State of WASHINGTON now has Marriage Equality – Thank you Gov. Chris Gregoire for signing it into law. BUT WAIT – YES YES NO YES NO….the “opposition” gathered enough signatures to put a referendum on the ballot for a November vote. So close but no wedding bouquet just yet.

The NEW JERSEY Legislature passed Marriage Equality only to be VETOED by Gov. Chris Christie. Once again, so much for a MODERATE Republican. With hopes of a political future in the GOP – Gov. Christie is playing “politics” with our lives.

MARLAND’S House passed the Marriage Equality bill on it’s way to the Senate and then on Gov.Martin O’Malley promises to sign it. It is very hopeful that MARYLAND will soon become MARRY-LAND making it the eighth state in the nation, along with the District of Columbia to have Marriage Equality.

This only brings me to once again – sharing of my favorite MARRIAGE EQUALITY toons:


On a MARRIAGE EQUALITY -NOTE….if any of you live in the San Diego area and you are free tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon – The “All Families Matter” fundraiser for PAT WASHINGTON for 79TH ASSEMBLY is Sunday, February 19, from 4 pm – 6 pm at Queen’s Bee Art and Cultural Center, 3925 Ohio Street, San Diego, CA 92104.

The fundraiser is hosted by Lt. Gary Ross and Dan Ross, first gay couple to wed in the military, & Jimmy Slaff-Gruel and Carl Gruel, first gay couple to wed in Chula Vista.

“We are proud to announce that Nationally Syndicated Cartoonist Earl Storm is a CO-HOST of the LGBT & Allies “ALL FAMILIES MATTER” Fundraiser. Earl’s long-time involvement for LGBT rights has taken creative “flight” in the form of his “left-wing” feathered alter ego, Buckminster Duck, through whom he renders a comical but pointed view of politics and the fight for LGBT equality.”

Earl will be festively attending with ERNIE ELLIOTT, his husband of 15 years. Can you tell which one of us is the DUCK…???… If I say so myself – we are just TOO CUTE for words…!!!…


FEATHERS UP as always……buckminster



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