the ACCOUNTABILITY BENCH has had a lot of company as of late….so much so….that I haven’t had the time for a RUSH LIMBAUGH-toon. stay-tooooooooned on that one!!!

RICK SANTORUM (google it)-  if left to his own sinister devices, would turn our DEMOCRACY into a THEOCRACY in a heart-beat. The fact that he is gathering any votes at all gives you a deeper insight to the TRUE COLORS of the REPUBLICAN PARTY…!!!…


……and this one just speaks for itself…..


…and RON PAUL….do remember this quote from RU-PAUL….”We are all BORN NAKED and from that point forward – it’s all DRAG”   How does that fit into your definition of LIBERTY and FREEDOM….???


We all know that their SHENANIGANS will continue til NOVEMBER and the ENTERTAINMENT VALUE is priceless. OBAMA is taking notes…!!!…


from the “WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN” Department….FEBRUARY was quite a month for MARRIAGE EQUALITY…..

A bill was passed in Washington State -YEAY- that is now held in state-wide referendum. SIGH – here we go again.

A bill was passed in NEW JERSEY which was quickly VETOED by GOV. CHRISTIE….to think that was one Republican that I actually liked in public office.

All is not lost tho – with a  QUACK OUT to the State of MARYLAND for passing MARRIAGE EQUALITY this week. You’re STATE NUMBER EIGHT who now gives us more than one way to spell MARYLAND….


Well that’s it from QUACK CITY this week – FEATHERS UP and ready for more REPUBLICAN QUACKERY……buckminster

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