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QUACK of the WEEK….

What has been said about RUSH LIMBAUGH that hasn’t already been said over the last few weeks.  His rants and raves are what I have come to expect from him – he is in true form. This time it has back-fired.

In his WAR against WOMEN’S HEALTH his true colors have been exposed. Along with the wrath of Progressive America – more than 30 sponsors (and counting) have dropped their financial support and it is beginning to catch up with him -and- it’s not over yet.

If HOLLYWOOD ever decides to make a movie out about RUSH being the NATIONAL DISASTER and EMBARRASSMENT  that he is – here’s the perfect title:

He certainly has caught the wrath of both REGAN and PHENIX….two gal pals of mine. They are standing strong in their conviction and are holding his feathers to the fire.

To introduce/re-introduce you to REGAN – she is my personal and political antagonist. She is much more conservative than I can ever be – yet there’s something I rather like about the way this sassy duck ruffles my feathers!

PHENIX is the softer of these two lovebirds. I often play referee, and I know the one thing that always draws them close — their mutual girl-crush on Rachel Maddow – a crush for all the obvious reasons.

Here are just a few toons so you can get to know them better.





Do STAY-TOOOOOONED there is very EXCITING NEWS coming from QUACK CITY in the very near future. Until next week….Feathers UP……buckminster

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