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QUACK of the WEEK….

Now that much of the POLITICAL DUST has settled between ANN ROMNEY and HILLARY ROSEN – many DUST-BUNNIES remain to the torment of Women Across America. Whether it is a full out WAR ON WOMEN or not – Ann Romney sure likes to cheerlead with an ARROGANCE of ENTITLEMENT and PRIVILEGE…!!!

Which leaves us all with the BURNING QUESTION:  How HARD does she WORK for the MONEY…???

Ann’s experience of life is very far removed from what most Americans experience while trying to convince America otherwise. Have fun with reality Ann – you may want to borrow Mitt’s Etch-a-Sketch from time to time.

YES – ANN does WORK alright – the last nerve of both PHENIX and REGAN. My two “GAL-PALS”  who are more than happy to hold her feathers to the fire. Get to know Regan and Phenix @

NEWT-FEST:  from an Colorful Assortment of Obama-Bashing, to Tiffany-Gate, Moon Colonies, $2.50- Gallon of Gas, Open Marriages, Food-Stamp President, Student Janitors and Penguin-Biting Fingers….it’s now time – COME TUESDAY –  to announce his departure.

HERE’S TO NEWTIE – you’ve put us through a lot and we give it right back to ya – SIDE BAR: you may want to double-check the FAMILY JEWELS…!!!





Until “Another ONE Bites the Presidential Dust” and drops out of the race – tick-tick-tick-tick-tick…..GOTCHA..!!!

Feathers UP…..buckminster


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