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Well DUCK-WISHES do come true….”another WACKO bites the dust”……SANTORUM is now political history….at least for now.  Tapping into the CARTOON ARCHIVES…we have SANTORUM in SNAGGLEPUSS DRAG.

A rather FLAMBOYANT and VERY PINK Mountain Lion…SNAGGLEPUSS was gay before GAAAAAAAY was gay….!!!…

While asking the burning question: is Rick more SNAGGLE and less PUSS -or- more PUSS and less SNAGGLE – I will let you decide.

Seems like Rick quit the race against all of his statements to the contrary to avoid the pending embarrassment of losing again to Romney – this time in his Home State of Pennsylvania. Now Rick don’t you now wish you had your own ETCH-A-SKETCH…???….


As we have in the past – we will give RICK SANTORUM his big finale in a
RICK-RETROSPECT that needs no explanation – they just QUACK for themselves…..







Who knows what his GAME PLAN is for 2016 – if for any reason –  you find yourself missing him –  you can always……


Now with all of this SANTORUM-ing…..I need to go SAGE myself.

feathers UP til next time…!!!…..buckminster

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