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Well here I am doing a toon that I thought I would NOT DO….a TRAYVON MARTIN toon…..yet with the NATIONAL CONCERN and OBSESSION that it has become – it is close to impossible to turn on the NEWS without being bombasted endlessly from all angles.

Whether UN-ARRESTED is a word or not – by all means lets find GEORGE ZIMMERMAN and put him behind bars, if not for his own safety, and then allow our “System of Justice” (I understand your reluctance) to unfold. Can you just hear NANCY GRACE now – my neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerves are shot already!!!!

Pretty much all that has been said has been said. Which leaves me not with much more to say until I turn on the News tomorrow. So I will leave you with this QUACK and let’s let the truth be known…….much sooner than later……I want my CNN and MSNBC back…!!!

…..and now on a LIGHTER NOTE…….

From the “How Did He Know That” Department: seems like the last name of ZIMMERMAN is now carved into infamy….the only other “ZIMMERMAN” I have known is that it was the last name of ETHEL MERMAN and BOB DYLAN before they became who we know them to be.  Just in case anyone asks and you know they will….!!!…..



A short while ago the evolution of me from 2-Dimensional to 3-Dimensional was happening in the nooks and crannies of Tinsel-Town. The incredible talents of ROSS TALLENT (yes – he does live up to his last name) brought me to life from all angles.

Ross is an amaaaaaazing artist – do see much of his artistry from ducks to dragons @

As you see here in my evolution (sorry bout the fuzzy photo) – first in toon-form – then to- hand-crafted molding by Ross -to- hand-painted by me -to- accessorizing with boa…’s what separates us from the other beasts…!!!….

As exciting as this is alone – it also – caught the attention of REPLICA TOYS…my feathers are all a flutter  to announce that a BUCKMINSTER BOBBLE-HEAD is now in production.  Soon you’ll be able have your own BUCKMINSTER to BOBBLE about. As details unfold – I will most certainly keep you posted as the feathers come together.

Well that’s enough to keep a duck busy for a week or so……feathers UP as always….buckminster


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