QUACK of the WEEK….

Well now here I am with REGAN (my very conservative antagonist!) having a “steamy” cup of coffee at the Q-SPOT,  a popular coffeehouse in QUACK CITY.

Of all things, we are discussing OBAMA-CARE as our Supreme Court is hearing the Constitutionality of the “issue” with a decision some time in June……JUNE…???…

It’s rather obvious who is for what here – but what is even more obvious…is that we desperately need UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE in America.. It works very well in other Countries, it can work here even better.

I am much more of a fan of taking the PROFIT OUT of Healthcare. Because we do know what the Republican Plan is – it’s simple: “DON’T GET SICK -and- if you do DIE EARLY.

Here’s my duck-toon when Congress/Obama signed HEALTH REFORM into law……

Do hope we stick with NURSE JACKIE and say goodbye to the CUCKOO’S NEST…!!!…

from the THEREFORE I QUACK department….

It seems like KIRK CAMERON is getting more and more mileage (I call it whining) out of his Piers Morgan’s interview of more than a month ago. Of course my heart-throb from the TV Series GROWING PAINS can go on a ANTI-GAY TIRADE believing that homosexuality is the downfall of humanity….his continuous rants just DON’T STOP….and are becoming a……

Of course Kirk-darling you’re entitled to your beliefs/opinions – what you are just getting in return are the opinions of those who don’t agree with you….thats tit for tat…!!!  And I am sure your have your beliefs/opinions about TIT-ing here on my blog.

However you justified your bigotry and hatred with your extreme religious views – just understand that us ducks and many others are getting extremely weary of you/anyone using religion to justify your/their prejudice…!!!….and that’s the NAME of THAT TOON…!!!

feathers UP and RUFFLED….buckminster





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