NAUGHTY – NAUGHTY – NAUGHTY  looks like the SECRET SERVICE got caught with their PANTS DOWN in Columbia. This (???-tradition-???) may have been going on for years but it’s NO SECRET anymore…!!!…

All this drama over a $$$-dispute – after all –  She Does Work Hard for the Money – is costing much more than a frantic tumble and a shy goodbye.

There are still many ??? swirling around the incident with more and more agents resigning everyday.  Needless to say they could have easily compromised the security of the President and the Country…and…all for a quick piece of ASS or should that be ASININE…!!!…

Sarah Palin even chimed in (no real surprise) blaming Obama –  to where he quickly went into “PROTECTION MODE” with CONDOMS OVER DC.

SIDE BAR: If the design of  WASHINGTON MONUMENT is a true representation of GEORGE….all I got to say is…MARTHA YOU LUCKY GIRL…!!!…

Many exciting things are percolating in QUACK CITY – here’s an UPDATE of what is on the horizon:

QUACK CITY INTERVIEW for the on-line magazine “LGBT TODAY” – This Week
BOBBLE-HEAD BUCKY Action Figure in Design and Production – Early Summer
QUACK CITY being featured in a book about my Community’s points of interest –          “HILLCREST 37” – I am one of the 37 – June 2012
“QUACK for EQUALITY” Photo Campaign – have your picture taken with me                   (9″ figurine with HOT PINK BOA) in support of LGBT EQUALITY – Summer

Needless to say –  I have my duckfeathers flying in all directions – wouldn’t want it any other way – DUCK DREAMS do COME TRUE…!!!…

Well that’s it until next week (on Mondays now) to where ANN ROMNEY gets the QUACK…..until then – FEATHERS UP-!!!…….buckminster

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