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Welcome back from your MEMORIAL DAY holiday weekend…..hopefully you found some time for reflection, remembrance and maybe a little BBQ.

Now it is back to the real world of WTF….????

Here we are getting rather OZ-ish looking at BAIN CAPITAL with a very skeptical eye……

OH MITT, MITT, MITT – how to succeed in BUSINESS without really trying???…or should that be CRYING….guess it all depends on who you ask: former employees or Romney himself. –

Seems like Romney is counting on his success as a businessman as the best way to run government to turn our economy around – that is yet to be seen. My main concern is WHY return to the PISS-POOR PARTY/POLICIES of the past that got in this HOT MESS in the first place.

Which leaves us in a Dorothy-Dilemma: does it take a BAIN (Romney) or BRAIN (Obama) to win an election…???…guess we will all find out in November.

Until then – stay tight in your RUBY SLIPPERS……buckminster

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