QUACK of the WEEK….

Still basking in the AFTERGLOW of PRESIDENT OBAMA’S support of MARRIAGE EQUALITY. I have always thought he would do it, but not until after the election….if then!!! This “EVOLVING” was just to placate the issue.. I know that I am not alone in getting very tired of “POLITICIANS playing POLITICS with our LIVES”.

Then Obama went ahead and surprised and delighted me with his announcement and I felt a SHIFT in this Country.

I find his soul searching – INSPIRING…!!!  YES – I realize that nothing LEGISLATIVE has happened – those in those states who can, still can, those in states without, still can’t.

Yet the tone of Country has shifted – the NATIONAL CONVERSATION is moving in the direction of EQUALITY – and –  that’s equality for all not just a select few and/or majority. Once again and maybe for the first time: – FREEDOM is granted to EVERYONE.

Hopefully this shift is felt by LGBT-youth – they get to hear that the leader of the free world re-affirming that you are honored and respected as you are, your love matters, who you are  makes a difference in this Country.

and on that NOTE OF FREEDOM…..

“HOPE will never be SILENT”
– Harvey Milk –

“If a BULLET should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every CLOSET door”
– Harvey Milk –


Happy HARVEY DAY everyone……buckminster



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