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QUACK of the WEEK….

As the nomination of MITT ROMNEY is locked in and the polls indicate that he is giving President Obama a run for his money – literally – my concern is beginning is mount.  Knowing that most elections are won my the economy – which is not looking good for CAMP OBAMA….Romney has a better chance of becoming President.  I don’t need TOON-FODDER that badly…!!!…

You could argue a good point – economy-wise – that Romney has the business background to turn it around. We don’t know that for sure – and I am not willing to take that chance.  Are you….???….

Again do we want to return to the plans and policies of the last Republican President. Hopefully we can all agree to the answer to that one is: HELL to the NO….!!!

What concerns me even more is his SOCIAL AGENDA….!!!

His SOCIAL AGENDA is truly frightening for anyone with a RAINBOW ORIENTATION. Reminding you of his FLIP-FLOPPING and this ETCH-A SKETCH approach… 1994 when he was running for the US SENATE – he stated strongly he would be more LIBERAL than TED KENNEDY on LGBT RIGHTS (even if that were possible).  What happened to that Romney….???…..that position has surely  has FLOPPED before it FLIPPED….!!!…

His rainbow has truly faded by kissing up to the Religious Wackos by:

Signing a pledge with the National Organization for Marriage advocating an amendment to our Constitution banning any chance of Marriage Equality becoming the law of the land.

Promised to reinstate DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL

To support DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and stand against ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act).

He hired and fired Robert Grenell- a Foreign Policy Adviser – because of pressure from (again) Religious Wackos-  without explanation to him or anyone else.

Any and all progressive EQUALITY LEGISLATION would come a SCREAMING HALT isenough to ruffle anyone’s feathers. Are we willing to take that chance with a rapidly fading rainbow. He may think that he supports Gay Rights  – yet – Romney’s TRUE COORS  have already been shown.

QUACK CITY NEWS:…..on a much lighter and celebratory note…..GET THIS.

A new book is being launched this week that celebrates the COLOR and COMMUNITY of HILLCREST (a very festive neighborhood in the midst of San Diego). 37 aspects of Hillcrest that make Hillcrest, Hillcrest – me (Buckminster ,of course)and the cartoonist wig brings me to life (Earl Storm) are one of the 37….!!!!

Can you think of a more OUTRAGEOUS way to decorate your coffee table….!!!…

Here are a couple of links that gives you the VIBE of the DUCK POND that I live and play in…..

This, and more, will be on display at the HILLCREST-92103 LAUNCH PARTY from 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday, June 9, at PLANET ROOTH  (3334 Fifth Ave.). The EVENT IS FREE and will include a mini “TASTE OF HILLCREST,” catered by the restaurants featured in the book. If you’re in the hood – DO DUCK IN…I will be the one wearing the FEATHER BOA!!!

until next time…..feathers UP…!!!…..buckminster





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