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As HURRICANE ISAAC ¬†blows TODD AKIN out of the water and off the headlines – here is a TOON-TRIO that reveals the REPUBLICAN’S TRUE AGENDA. Let’s start with an expanded definition of what an AKIN is….who could ARGUE on any day of the week…???…

Who really knows how WET it is going to get and how high the FLOOD-WATERS will rise – there is no denying that TODD AKIN’S extreme views on ABORTION and WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH is the same as the REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM that has been teased and taunted at their WACKO CONVENTION at no REAL surprise to anyone…!!!

As they try to BACK-PEDDLE with the mantra of RAPE IS RAPE ¬†– both ROMNEY/RYAN are exercising alot of damage control to get the WOMEN’S VOTE. My approach to discussing this issue with any wacko is to give them ENOUGH ROPE because sooner or later they will HANG themselves – the WILL ROGERS approach POLITICAL DEBATE.

That’s it for this week – if you are anywhere near HURRICANE ISAAC do stay high and dry. As I keep my WICKED DRAWING PEN pointed towards that gathering of WACKOS in Tampa……OH the PAIN and BULLSHIT of watching the REPUBLICANS RANT and RAVE at their Convention. Nothing FUNNY -yet- it all goes with the territory of being a POLITICAL CARTOONIST….call it an OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD…..!!!

Until next week – do STAY-TOOOOOOOOOOOOOONED……buckminster


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