Well – with PAUL RYAN on the ticket, there is no denying that the ELECTION is HEATING UP and is getting NAAAAAAASTY ….!!! So why ¬†should I be shy…….

Is it just me? – that Paul Ryan (the darling of the TeaBaggers) reminds me of EDDIE MUNSTER with his widow’s peak, slightly pointed ears and “green” complication…!!! ¬†Either way – time will only tell of how green he is and his TRUE AGENDA….!!!….not that Eddie Munster has one , agenda that is.


I will let the two TWIN KEN-DOLLS speak for themselves with this one….have you noticed that they are starting to DRESS ALIKE…..SCARY isn’t it…..!!!


Finding a Republican who cares more about people than their wallets is a rare find indeed. You may of heard about the REPUBLICAN HEALTH PLAN……don’t get SICK and if you do – DIE QUICKLY…!!!

Well – thats enough MITT and PAUL for this week. My WICKED DRAWING PEN is in position for much more fodder as in comes down the POLITICAL PIKE…!!!

feathers UP……buckminster

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