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As the ELECTION is HEATING UP, even before the before the conventions, the Republicans are FUCKING UP faster than I can toon. So here are a couple of ROMNEY-TOONS before the POLITICAL WINDS shift once again….


So it’s off to LONDON to see who brings home the OLYMPIC GOLD….

As I have said to much more than one Republican….is ROMNEY the best that you can do…???  There is no doubt that the MITT-ster has a TARNISHED past  – that he refuses to talk about – BAIN, GOVERNOR of MASSACHUSETTS, TAX RETURNS –  just to name a few. ROMNEY you’re NO MICHAEL PHELPS…!!!

Yet OBAMA’S re-election is no SLAM DUNK.  I am sure that we can agree that a BAD DAY with President Obama is FAR BETTER than any day with Romney… No CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS here….!!!


As INFANTILE as it is…..I couldn’t resist giving this a QUACK before it FELL OFF the HEADLINES…..

In matching DRAG no less –  Mitt Romney flip-flops easily from ROBIN HOOD to PETER PAN … We asked if he would “ROB the POOR and give to the RICH – MITT responded  with a resounding – “I SURE WOULD ” (like in SHERWOOD forrest)….at least now we know what the RIGHT-SIZED TREES are…!!!

As he FLIP-FLOPS to SUCKS UP to the EXTREME RIGHT is an insult to any PETER out there- – No self-respecting TINKER BELL to be found…!!!



A classic OZ-FAVORITE from the past – with no need to remake – are you listening HOLLYWOOD…!!!


With PAUL RYAN on the drawing board – you can just imagine how much FUN I am going to have with the MITT and the KID…………

Until then – do STAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONED…..!!!….buckminster


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