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A good DOSE OF DOROTHY will get us through this week as the ELECTION is heating up with the DEBATES on the horizon. Here are a few of my FAVORITE and VINTAGE OZ-TOONS.

It’s no surprise to most of you that DOROTHY and I are TIGHT – I have plenty of DIRT on her and she has plenty of DIRT on me – and we will leave it at that: SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDALOUS…!!!

We definitely know the ANSWER to that now – now don’t we…!!!  We could easily ask ROMNEY the same question – I feel a TOOOOOOOOOON comin’ on…..!!!


Not too unlike getting your DUCKS in a ROW….RUBY SLIPPERS required…!!!


For those of us who are  just a little DOROTHY-OBSESSED and who tend to QUOTE HER – chapter and verse


Just a little break from the HEADLINES of the day – and if – ALL-THINGS-POLITICAL begins to get to ya – remember to put on your RUBIES and CLICK-CLICK-CLICK…!!!





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