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Just when I was looking forward to taking a week off from politics – the MITT-ster FLARES UP more than once with what I could not ignore…!!!

Needless to say this has not been a good week (or weak) for Romney – as he has gone out of his way to prove the campaign against himself:

Call it another MISS-STEP or MISS-SPEAK (among many) – here is another classic – if not dangerous example – of Romney shooting from the lip.  With our planet being a POWDER-KEG that it is  – humanity cannot take a chance with him in the White House with his FINGER next to the BUTTON….and him saying OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS – I did it again…!!!

speaking of OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS – if that wasn’t enough…..

I have been waiting for the REAL ROMNEY to please STAND UP – and here he is at last – caught on video with something SILVER in this MOUTH once again…!!!  Alienating 47% of Americans as being VICTIMS sucking off the PUBLIC TEET…!!!

I must admit, I do enjoy the UNRAVELING OF ROMNEY as he scrambles for his ETCH-A-SKETCH…!!!

RE-TOON: as Mitt plays the game of DAMAGE CONTROL…do DUCK…cuz he will be coming atcha from all directions…

Now for a little rest from all things POLITICAL  (ya-right) hoping for a SLOW-NEWS-WEEK so I can QUACK about other things that YANK my feathers.

Until next time…FEATHERS UP…!!!….buckminster





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