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CONGRATS and CONFETTI to us all – we all SURVIVED both the REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS. Assuming that most of my ducks-fans had more fun and inspiration with the DEMS than with REPUBS…but there I am playing the “assumption game” again….either way we survived…!!!

Here’s an ENTOURAGE OF TOONS reflecting my THOUGHTS and QUACKS about it all…..

It never ceases to amaze me how the REPUBS can edit and re-write OBAMA’S WORDS and use it as a CAMPAIGN SLOGAN almost declaring WAR on anyone and everything excepts themselves….!!! It’s enough to embarrass and disgust many a bumper sticker.

Just read the REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM and it’s extremely evident and frightening that they want to take us back to the SIXTIES , if not the FIFTIES – including against a WOMAN RIGHTS TO CHOOSE and a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT against MARRIAGE EQUALITY……don’t even get me started…!!!

Who are these NEANDERTHALS anyway and anyhow….???

What a bunch of WHINERS and OBAMA-HATERS..!!! They spent three days CRYING and RAGING about what they were against without standing up to what they are for. Many an elephant was appalled and offended…..!!!


and now for the DEMS….oh SWEET CHARLOTTE ….HUSH HUSH…!!!

From CLINT to CLINTON…you know I wasn’t going to ignore the EMPTY CHAIR now did you – ??? – This is priceless toon-fodder…!!! I agree with Bill – it does boil down to one fundamental thing – ARITHMETIC – who could argue…except the FUNDAMENTALISTS…!!!

Being disgusted, disillusioned and disappointed by both political parties many more times than once….my feathers are much more INDEPENDENT without an allegiance to anyone’s agenda. Of course I lean very much to the left without sucking up to any one party or person….they are all POLITICIANS  afterall.

We will see how the DEMS do come ELECTION DAY and/or if they break into a chorus of “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”

Comparing Convention to Convention – all in all I had more fun watching the DEMS…!!!  From MICHELLE to BILL to BARACK…this is a party who knows how to throw a party!!! – I much prefer CONFETTI over BALLOONS any day…!!!

Now that the HIGH HOLY DAYS (for any political cartoonist) are kicking into HIGH GEAR with the ELECTION in full-throttle-mode. With a deep breath, I jump into the QUAGMIRE with both a POIGNANT FEATHER and my DRAWING PEN in position….oh how I feel many-a-TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON coming on….!!!

Let’s SAGE both TAMPA and CHARLOTTE and do our best to maintain our SANITY until NOVEMBER…!!!

Until next week….FEATHERS UP!!!….buckminster






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