Here we are at the INTERSECTION of BAIN and 47TH STREET where the lack of ETHICS collides with the TRUTH…!!!

Another MISS-STEP/SPEAK for the MITT-STER (how many is it now?) only reveals more and more of who he really is – all you need to do is listen and take notes…!!!

With no smudges to our beloved CYNDI LAUPER – it looks like TRUE COLORS works both sides of the aisle.


Then it is BACK TO OZ briefly to reveal the games and illusions that ROMNEY is playing with the AMERICAN PUBLIC – only this time he doesn’t have a HOT AIR BALLOON to escape in – just – a lot of HOT AIR…!!!


As obscure as the number 47 is – this number will never be the same. Sad to say – therapy may be soon recommended…!!!


As all of us POLITICAL ANIMALS are perked for the PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES and/or DEBAUCHERY tonite – I am much-much-much-more than ready for the ZINGERS to start ZING-ING…!!!


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