It  seems so much loooooooooonger than a week since the first PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE  – but – not as long as it must feel for ROMNEY, OBAMA and BIG BIRD……therefore I must QUAAAAAAAAAAACK as you know I must….!!!

FIRST UP: where were all those ZINGERS that Romney had been rehearsing that he was to ZING OBAMA WITH throughout the debate…???? I had pen in hand and feathers perked for the onslaught to no avail – unless – it was Romney’s entire RANT throughout the debate that was the ZIIIIIIIING…!!!

Needless to say it was ZINGLESS IN DENVER….!!!

Who was THAT ROMNEY anyway…???-!!!-??? Was it another shake of the etch-a-sketch – too bad that the “etch”did not have a LIE FILTER built in…!!!


You know that I couldn’t let BIG BIRD get away without a QUACK or so…!!!  From experience, I have learned that it’s best not to PISS OFF an eight-foot yellow bird with a high voice – oh that very thin line – between KAREN CARPENTER and SESAME STREET…!!!


ALRIGHT OBAMA…!!! – where in the HELL were you during that debate…??? Many suspicions abound – you were dumb-struck by a new Romney, debates are not your forte, you’re too polite to interrupt, you weren’t feeling well, worn out from anniversary sex – or – was it the altitude of the mile-high city…???

Whatever the case, we who want you to stay in the White House need you back in your A-GAME. We know what your capable of doing – SO DO IT…!!!

You have two more debates – do bring out the OBAMA WE KNOW who is ABLE to slam-dunk Rmoney in a heartbeat…!!! If PERFORMANCE ANXIETY is the cause we understand and do have PRESIDENTIAL VIAGRA to give you the WOOD/WOULD that you need to get your OBAMA-MOJO RISING again…!!!

Tomorrow nite is the VICE PRESIDENT’S DEBATE between BIDEN and RYAN – and without a doubt – it should be quite COLORFUL and POTENT.

GO GET ‘EM JOE and if you need it – do ask Barack for some of those PERKY PILLS…!!!

So much more to be revealed as the election gets closer and closer and closer. For the first time – I am quite concerned that Romney might win this thing…SCAAAAAAAARE ME…!!!

Do stay-TOOOOOOOOOOOONED…!!!….buckminster


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