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CONGRATS to us all for surviving the CONVENTIONS and DEBATES as the INSANITY continues onto the home stretch of the ELECTION. If you’re anything like me (if not, why are you reading this?) – I have all the symptoms of ELECTION BURN-OUT, whether it be ROMENSIA or OBAMA-ITIS, the diagnosis is not pretty…!!!

Yet I would be amiss if I didn’t give the last two debates a QUACK or two, even three….

It’s so much fun when you give your  foe enough rope that they eventually hang themselves…well here we are with that classic scenario…..GOTCHA MITT…and as you go over that cliff once again – you’re NO THELMA and/or LOUISE…!!!


Say “HELLO” again to my gal pals – REGAN and PHENIX – as they are quite PISSED about another MITT-ISM. I fully agree…!!!

Romney’s views on GENDER EQUALITY is exceptionally antiquated and alarming – HEY MITT is that a THREE or TWO HOLE BINDER …???…either way, I’ll bet ya $10,000 to debate HELEN REDDY…!!!


Who is more UNSTABLE…..ROMNEY or the MIDDLE EAST…???…

No matter how many times you said “PEACE” in the FOREIGN POLICY DEBATE…you are nothing more than a WAR-MONGER in sheep’s clothing – with no offense to the sheep…!!!   If it’s IRAN with a RANT or a CAN’T – a vote for MITT is a vote for WAR no matter how many times you are BLOWING IN THE WIND…!!!

Here’s a QUACK FOR SANITY as we go DUCK-FORWARD to the VOTING BOOTH on NOVEMBER 6TH….buckminster

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