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Here we are in the THICK of the DEBATE SEASON (sometimes too thick) with three down and one more to go this Monday…..GO OBAMA GO GO GO…..!!!….

First up – tapping into the TV-ARCHIVES with RYAN’S HOPE  – here’s a new spin that hits the POLITICAL NAIL right on the head. There is no doubt that PAUL RYAN is so EXTREMELY RIGHT that he is EXTREMELY WRONG.

Ryan has such VENOM there is no chance of a change of HEART or MIND…some people you just have to WRITE-OFF as a lost cause – VERY LOST….no matter how EDDIE MUNSTER CUTE they are…!!!


It was PAINFULLY ENTERTAINING (I felt the OUCH) to watch VP-BIDEN interrupt PAUL RYAN every time he LIED. Ryan was throwing lies around in rapid order – so much so- that it fired-up BIDEN to step in in his own CLASSIC BIDEN-STYLE……


Riding high into the NEXT PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE it was great to see the OBAMA that I voted for letting his TRUE COLORS show. Whoever that man was in the first debate wearing that OBAMA COSTUME …WELCOME BACK OBAMA…!!!

This debate RATTLED ROMNEY right to his core -and- gave us some soon-to-be-classic moments. Lotsa rich fodder for us POLITICAL CARTOONISTS and LATE-NIGHT COMICS to have so much fun with….so do STAY-TOOOOOOOOONED…!!!

Til next time…FEATHERS UP!!!…..buckminster

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