THANX and QUAX…!!!…

Amongst all my many BLESSINGS and PLEASURES – I am so grateful that I SURVIVED another THANKSGIVING – tis the season when TURKEYS are GONERS -and- DUCKS are extremely NEEEEEEEERVOUS…!!!

Now here we are with another SEX SCANDAL….no way I would let this topic get by me without a QUACK or two. – I just love GOOD SMUTT when I see- DON’T YOU…???.

Just to let PATRAEUS know that even though you are wearing CAMOUFLAGE we can still SEE YOU…..this time with your PANTS DOWN….NAUGHTY NAUGHTY GENERAL that you are!!!


With DEEP APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE ….and in TURKEY DRAG no less – THANK YOU SO MUCH for enjoying my DUCK-TOONS each week – it TICKLES me to no end that you are amongst my FRIENDS, FAMILY and FANS…!!!

Here’s wishing you many BLESSINGS as we waddle towards MARRIAGE EQUALITY and EQUALITY for all. Also a BIG THANX to all those POLITICIANS and NEWSMAKERS who make us LAUGH and QUACK together…!!!

FEATHERS UP til next week…..buckminster

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