WEDDING BELL GREETINGS or BLUES…for years one of my primary passions in creating my toons is MARRIAGE EQUALITY. Our lives were devastated with the passage of PROP 8 in California. I have tooned many a toon on the subject – duckfeathers have flown and many more will fly.

It is have been quite the roller coaster ride over the last four years climaxing with PRESIDENT OBAMA finally coming out in favor of Marriage Equality – and with this last election – four States passing Marriage Equality – here’s BIG HUG and THANX to Maryland, Maine, Washington and Minnesota from all of us in QUACK CITY…!!!

Perk up your ears this week – cuz most likely this Friday – we will see “progress” on PROP  8 as it moves to the United States Supreme Court – where one of two things will happen:

IF: the Court chooses not to hear it – it tosses Prop 8 back to the previous ruling that finds PROP 8 UNCONSTITUTIONAL and marriage for LGBT couples is reinstated in California.

IF: the Court chooses to hear the case it will rule next year late Spring/June-ish….if they rule in our favor (fingers and feathers crossed) it will repeal anti-gay marriage laws through out the Country.

With QUACKS ABOUNDING….here’s a BAKER’S DOZEN of toons that embrace Marriage Equality/Prop 8 – with either a tickle of a duckfeather or that proverbial stiletto right to the forehead… enjoy the TOON PARADE….!!!

PHEEEEEEEEEEEEW….!!!…that’s quite a parade – and I assure you – that many more toons will be added…and let’s sum it all up with a little KAREN-SOLIDARITY…


I am excited and delighted to make my FEATHERED DEBUT at BENT-CON this weekend. Amongst the many who will be exhibiting their talents and passions it much like a MINI-COMIC-CON with a number of movies, panels and events that showcase the LGBT Community. Guaranteed – that I will be there working the room from all angles and dangles….!!!

I invite you to attend if you find yourself in the BURBANK/LOS ANGELES area – I assure you the it will be most colorful and festive event. Do stop by my booth for a QUACK or two.


until next week – I will be sitting on pin and feathers awaiting what the SUPREMES  have to say….

until then – keep QUACKIN’ in the FREE WORLD…buckminster


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