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From HURRICANE SANDY to SANDY HOOK….it’s not easy to be a SANDY on the East Coast these days….my HEART goes out to all are feeling the IMPACT of  whichever SANDY, or possibly both.

Amongst all the FLURRY and HURRY of  the HOLIDAYS/HOLI-DAZE this passage found me….

“When the UNTHINKABLE happens, it is understandable that we need time to try to fathom that which cannot be understood. We try to speak about the unspeakable, to use words and expose ourselves to repeated images, in our attempts to MAKE SENSE OUT OF SOMETHING THAT IS SENSELESS.

At these times when we are so CLEARLY CALLED to remain in balance, to STAY GROUNDED as we move into a future that we will CO-CREATE, lets us begin at the place where we can affect our world, with OURSELVES.” (taken from Spirituality and – Thank You)

TRUE CONFESSIONS – I have never owned, held or shot any sort of gun. – let alone draw one. I am once again tooning my thoughts and feelings about ANOTHER SENSELESS SHOOTING  that have become much too COMMONPLACE in America….MUCH MUCH MUCH TOO…!!!

This tragedy exposes a NATIONAL WOUND that this time needs to be HEALED. We all need to examine who we are as a NATION before we can criticize any other nation for their INHUMANITY…!!!

Needless to say I AM A DUCK and there is DUCK SEASON with way too many ELMER FUDDS out there  – as MURDER, as SPORT, and as ENTERTAINMENT we all live in a GUN CULTURE  that celebrates VIOLENCE -of all which- we need to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for without exception…!!!

UPDATE: Now the NRA’s solution to the tragedy is arming teachers, clergy etc…..MORE GUNS will STOP VIOLENT CRIMES….this INSANITY is more than INSANE….I wonder if AR-15’s are DECORATING their CHRISTMAS TREES

It certainly puts a DARK CLOUD over our HOLIDAY SEASON that takes the MERRY right out of it….and as AUNTIE MAME reminds us that when our we our world seems so dark and bleak that “WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS”…


Here’s celebrating that HO-HO-HO in all of us whether you’re hiding in the CHRISTMAS CLOSET or not…!!!


When CAPITALISM and CHRISTIANITY collide at WARP SPEED – it can really PISS OFF a MESSIAH…!!!


This is on my on CHRISTMAS WISH LIST every year -and- with everyone and everything considered – I’ll keeping WISHING, WISHING and WISHING for all that we’ve been SINGING about for ETERNITY….!!!


Well as ANOTHER SANDY makes headlines and SANTA will try again to slide down my METAPHORICAL CHIMNEY….it’s time to wrap up all this CHRISTMAS QUACKERY until next time…..

ho-ho-QUACK-ho….buckminster and all of us in QUACK CITY…!!!



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