a QUACK at last…

It’s been a week and then some…at last here’s my QUACK OF THE WEEK along with some SAVORY DUCK COMMENTARY to un-ruffle my and/or possibly your Friday.

Now here’s a toon that has been kept in a “holding pattern” for a number of years -and- now with the popularity of the film “LINCOLN” the time is right – that just might PISS OFF the RIGHT WING..!!!

Speculation of LINCOLN’S SEXUAL ORIENTATION comes and goes -yet- the intimacy of his relationship with JOSHUA SPEED does raise an eyebrow or two. His admitted “love letters/poems” and frequent bed-mate has led to many a furious debate between among many.

The authors C.A. TRIPP and our own LARRY KRAMER -and also- the multi-awarded playwright TONY KUSHNER, who penned the screenplay for the current film, feels that HONEST ABE had a strong attraction towards men when the word GAY didn’t have the connotation that is has today……SCAAAAAAANDALOUS…!!!

While married to Mary Todd – we all can admit – he may have been the first CLOSETED GAY REPUBLICAN – now there’s a SHOCKER…!!! At least he wasn’t hanging out in PUBLIC RESTROOMS at the airport which hadn’t been INVENTED yet.


Let me tell ya – THOSE SUPREMES are certainly dragging their heels on ruling on PROP 8/DOMA…first it was last Friday, then it was Monday and now it could be TODAY/FRIDAY…talk about another chorus of CALL ME, MAYBE…!!!

Here’s are a few RE-TOONS from last week’s blog to PESTER-QUACK-PESTER-PESTER them until they make a decision. There’s only so much PINS and NEEDLES a duck can take…!!!

UPDATE-UPDATE-UPDATE: well it looks like the SUPREMES have taken the MOTION to HEAR both PROP 8 and DOMA…it’s back on that PROVERBIAL ROLLER COASTER and should have a decision by LATE SPRING/JUNE-ISH…buckle up it may be WHITE KNUCKLES til then…..!!!….I will let my TOONS STAND as initially tooned…!!!


Here’s a few pics from my DEBUT at BENT-CON last weekend – time well-spent amongst CREATIVE SPIRITS with very much a GAY TWIST…!!! That’s me, with my cartoonist, at my booth contemplating my design elements of what goes where.

From the TO-DO to TAH-DAH – check out my banner – Thank you JASON FRAZIER of JASON FRAZIER CREATIVE DESIGNS – you make me look PRETTY IN PURPLE at any size…!!!

If I do say so myself – I was quite the POPULAR DUCK with making new FANS, ADVOCATES and PROFESSIONAL ALLIANCES – watch out 2013 you’ll be HEARING from me….Wooooooooo-Hooooooooo…!!!

Here’s a panoramic view of all the ARTISTRY and SHENANIGANS going on….a MINI COMIC-CON that was NON-STOP GAY GEEK-DOM…!!!

That dashing silver-haired man on the left, JOHN DE SALVIO- a fellow political cartoonist , with his brilliant book – “GOD TOLD ME TO DRAW THESE”.


Now you have just an INKLING of what my week was like with duckfeathers flying in all directions…AHHH with a DEEP BREEEEEEEEEEEEEATH of SATISFACTION – ┬áit’s FEATHERS FORWARD no matter what the GAY GEEKS and/or SUPREMES do…!!!

That’s me for this week…buckminster…!!!

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