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Enough time has passed since the election and the AMERICAN VOICE has been heard LOUD and CLEAR.  I am beginning to wonder if these two are ever going to get anything done together -in the meantime- will you please stop PLAYING POLITICS with our LIVES…!!!-???-!!!

Here’s an idea -what if- we throw them both over that proverbial FISCAL CLIFF and see who bounces back.  HEY THELMA be sure to bring your TRAMPOLINE …!!!…BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOING…!!!


WHY – GEORGE – WHY…???…!!!…???  (and I am not talking BUSH here)….I now know what that SHUTTER in the UNIVERSE was few weeks back and is just catching up with me…!!!

Selling STARS WARS to DISNEY has made for a FORCE that is more than PISSED OFF…!!!…and you are nervous about GLOBAL WARMING…!!!…


Well when BARACK and JOHN both have their feet on the ACCELERATOR and LUKE SKYQUACKER is in MAKE-UP – it’s time to bring all the QUACKERY to a close……until next time: FEATHERS UP….buckminster


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