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when BULLETS fly….

As a DUCK and understandably so….I am quite sensitive to BULLETS FLYING in this Country of ours….VERY SENSITIVE indeed…!!!…

Since DUCK SEASON has been declared…the best I can do in many a situation is to DUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK for COVER both metaphorically and literally.¬†As I stay safe and sound here in QUACK CITY….AMERICA is out of control in their love of guns over COMMON SENSE and HUMANITY.

Since the massacre in Sandy Hook in December:
4.7 MILLION GUNS have been sold
25,000 NEW MEMBERS to the NRA
900 PLUS shooting/deaths since DECEMBER 14
only proves that there is PARANOIA in the HEARTLAND of America.

Tragic to say and/or speculate that our BELOVED COUNTRY seems to have lost its HEART at the cost of going BANG-BANG-BANG with any WEAPON they choose…!!!

President Obama’s 23 POINT GUN PROPOSED LEGISLATION only begins to address the issue of how we are losing the SOUL of who we are as a NATION. We need to take ACTION NOW for our own SURVIVAL before America turns into a FAILED EXPERIMENT…!!!…

Whoever “THEY” happen to be….seems like there is a “NEW THEY” each week…!!!

Watch out for all those “ELMER FUDDS” out there who shoot erratically in all directions. Nary a DUCK or SHOW-TUUUUUUNE is safe…!!!…



What more can I SAY/QUACK….until next week hopefully when BULLETS stop flying….there is a BIG HOPE there.

Please do keep your FEATHERS UP…….buckminster


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