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still QUACKIN’ for EQUALITY…!!!…

Well it has been quite the week for headlines – sure looks like there is one scandal after another coming down the POLITICAL PIKE and that OBAMA sure is up to his TITS  in ALLIGATORS….of which..I will not ignore those CRANKY CROCODILES and will have a QUAAAAACK or two or three about it all next week.

Still with all of the DC-drama swirling – I have to take a BREEEEEEEEEEEEATH and put IT all on PAUSE to acknowledge the advancement of MARRIAGE EQUALITY over the last few weeks.

With confetti and duckfeathers filling the skies – I celebrate with MIXED FEELINGS. Here’s a QUACK OUT to both DELAWARE and MINNESOTA (can you just see Michelle Bachmann in a real HISSY FIT and Marcus smiling GLEE-fully…!!!)



CONGRATS once again with WHITE LACE and PROMISES – do enjoy your LONG-AWATIED and BLESSED NUPTIALS -and- I am sure there is more than one CATERER smiling.

Yet as much as MARRIAGE EQUALITY is INEVITABLE….this STATE to STATE process is getting to be such BULLSHIT to me….what about the remaining 38. How long with it take to get to 50…???

Can you ever picture TEXAS ,ALABAMA and/or MISSISSIPPI ever passing such enlightened and necessary legislation..!!!… Did I just mention ENLIGHTENED in the same sentence with the SOUTH – well things are evolving…!!!…

For those of you on the HETEROSEXUAL side of life – how would you like it if your MARRIAGE APPEARED and DISAPPEARED as you travel from state to state…???…it would feel rather UN-AMERICAN wouldn’t it…!!!…

Well let’s face the fact – as it is right now in America – it is VERY AMERICAN because we are willing to accept it this way. Yes- we are EVOLVING  yet not fast enough to call this a FREE COUNTRY for all.

Go ahead – call me IMPATIENT once more -yet again- it is unacceptable to be tossed FREEDOM CRUMBS and then break out into another chorus of the STAR SPANGLED BANNER…I will wait to sing until all 50 can harmoniously join in.

…and…then there’s CALIFORNIA…the land of POTPURRI…..


How will THOSE SUPREMES sing come next month – I am CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC – so again I am sitting on my patience to see how they rule -or- have they RULED ALREADY and are they just sitting on our freedoms.



and on another more CONCERNING DUCK NOTE…..

I am delighted and pained (because my cartoonist has been through it all and then some) to announce that it was time for me to bring my DUCK-TOONS and the diagnosis of PROSTATE CANCER (fall 2007) together  in a FUN-fundraiser called the “JOURNEY HOME” a DRIVE-a-THON for the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY.

Created by two ANYTHING BUT SUBLTE talk show hosts from LA – BENJAMIN VIELE and ALEXANDER RODRIGUEZ – who have been personally touched by the disease we bring our talents and passions together.

In our heart-felt collaboration called “QUACK FOR THE CURE” –  we do just that as we travel from state to state singing and cabaret-ing until Ben finds his way  back home to Illinois.  With daily YOU-TUBE updates, you can follow the bunch as they JOURNEY and QUAAAACK.. to their final destination…!!!…


You can PLAY , PARTICIPATE and CONTRIBUTE  to the campaign.

Feel free to post and spread QUACK FOR THE CURE on your FB-pages, blogs and websites. They want me to go VIRAL….go ahead stroke my feathers!!!

and of course: LIKE US on FACEBOOK: the JOURNEY HOME with BEN and ALEXANDER

Here’s a short audio with me being on the their radio show – HAPPY HOUR with BEN and ALEXANDER – last week. I come on about 14 minutes into the show. YES…I am a MEDIA TART…!!!…no surprise to most.

Sasa interview with Earl Storm – find it at the top of the page



Well when MINNIES MARRY and a PROSTATE come together – it’s time to bring another BLOG to a close.

well until next time – do keep your FEATHERS UP…..bucky

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