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they SHOOT DUCKS – don’t they…!!!….

HOUSTON we have ANOTHER PROBLEM – and you can’t blame this one on WHITNEY.  A national gathering of  GUN-WACKOS – to compensate for their small penises – came together at the NRA CONVENTION in Texas (talk about redundant) to pull each others triggers. …..BANG-BANG…!!!…

From GOV. RICK PERRY, SENATOR TED CRUZ, RICK SANTORUM, TED NUGGET, SARAH PALIN (she’s the well hung one), and GLENN BECK shooting from all directions to scream to the high heavens that their freedoms are being taken away – have they been snorting the gun powder again…???…

Whata SMOOOOCH-FEST and a bunch of OBAMA-BASHING it was, while laughing in the face of 90% OF AMERICA that want SANE GUN-SAFETY LAWS.

Being the DUCK that IAM – I admit that I have a HYPER-SENSITIVITY to guns of all shapes and sizes- wouldn’t you when they shoot the likes of me for sport.

Needless to say – I have issues here. Therefore I QUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK without hesitation or pause – for I never know when I am going end up as some REPUBLICAN’S dinner. That is not the way that I plan to leave this silly planet…!!!




America blindly cherishes the “SACRED SECOND AMENDMENT” so much that it seems they are hell-bent on destroying all the other amendments.

We are a GUN-WORSHIPPING CULTURE that so ofthen transfers their “cowboys and indians fantasy”  to the streets, churches, movie theatre and schools across the land – tragic to say WHO’S NEXT…???…

If we don’t get sane gun safety legislation soon- Congress being the cowards that they are – I may be looking for another pond  just out of survival.

If and until then….when someone yells DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK – you bet my SWEET WATER-TIGHT ASS I will – cuz I don’t plan to KISS IT GOODBYE just yet…..WATER TIGHT or not…!!!…

So when HOUSTON meets the WELL-HUNG SARAH with a BAAAAAANG – it is time to bring another blog to a close. As quickly as I UN-RUFFLE my feathers, I will return to the tranquility of my DUCK-ISH EXISTENCE – FOR NOW…!!!…

until then DUCK and COVER…..bucky as always…!!!….


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