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whata WORLD….whata WORLD….!!!…

“WHATA WORLD – WHATA WORLD”….to quote our beloved WWW – the Wicked Witch of the West. The world has not slowed down a bit since we last QUAAAAAAAAAAAAACKED…..not in the very least….MYSELF INCLUDED…!!!…

Over the last few weeks – I have been held captive (not unlike DOROTHY) by ANIMATION PRIORITIES which are both exhilarating and exhausting – it’s a package deal ya know.

Yet I am announcing with excitement that my toon trilogy – EQUALITY QUACKS is on the horizon of making its FEATHERED PREMIER. Look for those proverbial SEARCHLIGHTS in the sky.

As I am busy-busy-busy TOONING and TOOTING- the WORLD GOES ON with or without me – doesn’t it now…..such is a DUCK’S LIFE….!!!…

To catch you up with things: Unfortunately (with a few “discouraging” words) we did NOT get into the CMG Film Festival as promised – OH WELL – don’t get me started – I am sure they will feel the pains of being DUCK-LESS soon enough.

With more FIRE IN MY BELLY than ever – this duck moves forward always with more passion and tenacity. Hey- I’ve got two more film festivals to QUACK at!!!

In all the feathers and flurry – the headlines have been anything but dull lately – and you could – just see the toon comin’ with BUSH back in the NEWS with his PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY.

So sorry I wasn’t invited -yet- as disgusting as it was to see all the former presidents praising this WAR CRIMINAL to the high heavens (needless to say OBAMA was on my SHIT-LIST that day) – the DUBYA is always good toon fodder…!!!…


Since I wasn’t there – I do understand that it is a rather unique “experiential experience”: you walk through the front door PRE-EMPTIVE-LY with a feeling of SHOCK and AWE determined to find WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION so you can leave – well since you never find them – you must stay until OBAMA builds his library next door.  Now that is a a GWB experience like no other.


As the candle still burns for the City of BOSTON – our hearts here in QUACK CITY are still with you in your healing from this SENSELESS and DEVASTATING TRAGEDY. Let’s keep running towards life in times like this….DUCK FEET in MOTION…!!!…

Sadly, America is playing a DANGEROUS GAME in the world and I am concerned that this is NOT the end of all the INSANITY.


One of my prayers, amongst many, is that the MEDIA will STOP MAKING the NEWS and stick to just REPORTING it…!!!… I have turned off all the TALKING HEADS to find much more reveal-ance with the KARDASHIANS…..SCARE ME….and thusly…..


It seems like the BOSTON-BOMBING blew both KIMS right off the headlines…..will we ever escape the MENACE of either KIM…???…. First there is KIM’s child-like and lethal temper tantrums that destroy the moral fiber of society and then there’s that NUCLEAR THREAT from NORTH KOREA…either way….I am afraid they’re here to stay until their RATINGS go down.


Well when – DUBYA can actually read something from his own library meets pregnancy of another K-DASHIAN it is time to bring another blog to a close.

Do stay-tooned for other adventures.  and if …you are on FACEBOOK – do keep an eye out for the introduction of a series of QUACK CITY GRAPHIX for EQUALITY called BUCKY-ISMS. Artfully posted for your amusement and inspiration.

Feel free to share and post them amongst friends, advocates and “those” anti-equality wackos for a little TOON-ACTIVISM…!!… Thanx in advance for spreading my feathers about.

DAMN was I CHATTY today or what…until next time….BUCKY as always…!!!….

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